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Stamped concrete is a technique that duplicates natures texture with incredible realism!

"I have actually had people come up to me when we were stamping a slate-look driveway, and ask how we could possibly lay so many stones so fast."
                                                                  - Mark Gentry

Mark Gentry, owner of Gentry Curb & Gravel, has been perfecting his stamped concrete technique since 1996.  Offering driveways, walks and patios in more than 20 patterns, Gentry tints, stamps, grinds and polishes ordinary concrete until it resembles slate slabs, cobblestone blocks, brick pavers -even wooden planks.  The end result is an amazingly convincing faux finish that can cost less than half the real thing and offer years of maintenance-free beauty.  The process begins like that for any concrete driveway, with the forming, pouring and smoothing of ordinary concrete.  Gentry then begins the coloration process.  Two to three hand-thrown applications of the coloring agent are applied and smoothed into the concrete.  This "color hardener," a mix of metallic salts, reacts with the lime in the concrete, carrying pigment deep within and yielding color variation that are quite natural in appearance.  

"We can achieve any color you're looking for."  If you are trying to match a stone wall, for instance, we can do that.  The same goes for patterns."  Gentry can custom make stamps designed to match a particular stone if a customer desires, though with almost 30 molds from which to choose, chance are you'll find the look you're seeking in stock. 

Once the desired color intensity is reached, a "releasing agent" is applied.  This will yield the, usually lighter, grout-line coloration, as well as creating a flexible surface for smoothly accepting the stamp.  Interlocking rubber molds are then placed and tamped down on the hardening concrete.  After removing the molds, the concrete cures for several days.  Gentry and his crew return to grind and polish the stamped surface.  Two coats of acrylic sealer are then applied to further protect the finish.

The end result is a realistically textured surface that is smooth enough for comfortable barefoot walking and should last at least 10 to 15 years.  So convincing the effect, that it is actually quite difficult to tell that these faux stone drives, walkways and patios are not the real thing.

One of the advantages of concrete is that it is very easy to form into almost any lines.  Curves, odd angles and unusual shapes are easily managed, which makes it an excellent material for winding walkways, curving drives and elaborate arced patios.

The cost for a fully stamped concrete drive is generally $3 to $4 per square foot more than a standard "broom-finish" drive-slightly less than a brick paver installation, bu much faster to install as well as being easier to maintain.  If a complete stamped driveway is beyond your budget, stamping accent areas can be an even more economical solution.  Gentry reports stamping driveway aprons, borders or even random or scattered patterns for a dramatic effect at very little additional expense.



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